valsan koorma kolleri-dhanuska(detail) - copper,glass beads, brass beads, wood, air - 2007

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Fear is Forever

Osho says. Man is born in fear. He continues to live in fear. That’s the characteristic of humankind. Even if you’re an outstanding human-being, there is no ‘fear escape’ provided. Fear becomes a co-traveler. Truly speaking, no one is brave. People appear as bold because they are suppressing their fear. In reality they are also fearful like anybody else. One becomes fearless only by accepting all inherent fears. Fear is so natural. 

valsan koorma kolleri - How goes the enemy? -(detail) - 2007

The whole issue of fear centers on faith. The feel-good factor that faith gives, be it allegiance to god, philosophy, science or anything else, works against fear. It’s nice for you to become a believer unconditionally. Faith in simple terms. Innocent faith, you can call it.

If you’re venturing out into an unknown domain, fear is a byproduct. You’re a first-timer. Uncertainty looms large. Still, it’s worth the effort. Life becomes adventurous and satisfying, there is never a dull moment.

Take the case of death. One cannot avoid it but almost all of our worries are centered on death. 

valsan - cornered draw- dry pastel on paper - 2007

Can I have a peaceful death, preferably in sleep? Or death like a whisper, when all my children and their mother by my side? Ha….what if I drop down dead on the public road?

Nothing! A death on the highway is more acceptable. From the aesthetic point of view, that is.

Anyway, fear of death stems from your possessions, material or otherwise. If you have nothing to declare, you don’t give a damn. So, live in this world without getting involved. You’re a part of the world but you don’t belong to it. Such a person is all ready to die at any given time.

Bear in mind that 90 % fears are unwarranted. Only the rest 10 % needs to be tackled. We should accept it as real. We should respond to fears and interact with them.

valsan- new bronze gamma -laterite bronze -2007

Take for example, an elephant running amuck. You can’t take it for granted that it’s the same Brahman as you are. Can you refuse to move away? Address the fear as real and run for your life.

Fear and Love cannot co-exist. Both are derivatives of energy. If energy is used up in the making of fear, the quantum gets reduced accordingly for the generation of love. Hence, better production plan is to utilize the entire inventory for the creation of love. Fear will be a perpetual stock-out.

This may sound abstract but we all know the man-made fear-generators are to be blamed, i.e., religion, the society and the educational system. Religion scares you with its bogey of hell, sin and punishment. Society instills fear of humiliation. The non-conformist will find the going tough the world over. And the education system permanently disables you with the fear of failure.

Break free from these chains and you’ll be fearless, Osho concludes.

The trouble with this postulate is that it is good in parts. Osho puts the onus on external elements. Instead of finding fault with stand-alone fear-generators, one should look inwards for finding the root-cause.

Fear is caused by "the other", the entity which is separate from you. One becomes two. The root-cause of fear stems from duality. If one cuts across this double vision, fear gets dissolved. You realize that the difference between people does not really exist. You’re the same as the other. You start seeing everyone as your own reflection. You become bold. Fear has already been vanished.

One should show his/her manliness in winning over oneself. One should hook oneself on a spear , raise it to his /her eye-level and look straight. One should relentlessly wage a war against ignorance, inequalities and ego-centric desires. This is the ideal antidote to keep the fear at bay.

Ha, what about that elephant running amok? Is it not brahman? Yes it is. But you failed to notice the elephant-rider. The mahout who sat atop and yelled at you to run was also brahman!

Fear is not forever, for sure.