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Saturday, August 30, 2014



The unique contribution of Sree Narayana Guru is to change the concept of Sanyas. We have the image of the Sanyasi from times of yore - saffron robes,  rudraksha adorned neck, kamandalu in hand and contemplating on Aham Brahmasmi without break. Sree Narayana Guru, though he doesn’t invalidate this model says there is more to sanyasa than meets the eye.  One can’t, sanyasi included, stay aloof like an island in ocean.  
Om Soorya
Everybody seems to be having a single-point agenda, i.e., to amass and sustain what is dear to us. Needless to say, the interests/stakes of others are adversely affected by the process. A sanyasi cannot sit idle. He should be a kripalu , a selfless and infinitely compassionate  soul  and  his first priority is to give weightage  to others. He works out ways for others happiness thereby attaining his.   
അപരസുഖം ആത്മസുഖം”.  Now he is experiencing the non-dual state by virtue of his karma.  Extrapolating this, one can reach at the core of adwaita.    എല്ലാവരും ആത്മസോദരർ

Om Soorya
Everyone and everything is blood-related. Even an electron is not alien. In fact, adwaita is rooted in Love.  One who practices it can feel the pain as well as happiness    of others as that of his own.  One need not go to Himalayas to get the right ambiance.       One can do the nine-to-five grind and still practice adwaita.  Of course, the ultimate aim is self-realisation . The first step for that goal is to do some real good work for the benefit of others. Wherever there is a manifestation of divisive tendencies, one works towards its nullification by  applying the principles of adwaita pragmatically.  (It need not be entirely non-violent. Remember the famous advice of Narayana Guru to the volunteers of  Vaikkom Satyagraha . In contrast to that of Gandhiji, the advice of Guru was to force into the temple compound by jumping over the barricades). 

Om Soorya

Love, if confined to limits, can be counter-productive. You are treating some people as blood-relations and all others as aliens. People-Like –Us (PLU) Syndrome is the ideal body for the cancerous growth of hate.  One takes false pride in one’s caste, religion, language, nation etc. Everyone outside the PLU bracket is an enemy.  Hate might take a subtle form, might not be visible but it shows its ugly face from behind the veil. 

What does that mean?
The life and times of Millennium Men,  a failure?

We can’t say either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Surely, one can make a private heaven for himself / herself following their teachings. It may require a slight alteration as per the need of the hour.   However, the tragedy exists for all gurus who changed the course of history. 

Millennium Men don’t matter as history is written well in advance. 

The end-point of evolution is already projected.  Sri. Aurobindo defines evolution as an “Ascent in Consciousness”.  You and I are racing towards this goal.  We’ll all become  Super Humans  (Perfect Masters) in our own right. Just a matter of Time.  The retarders (negative elements in evolution) will be ejected out periodically. Prior to the ejection, it can be seen that the retarders reach its peak! We are living our (mundane) lives witnessing one such peak and that explains why we are at each other’s throat!

Now cheer up ! This can’t go on forever.  The cleansing starts just after the peak period.
All bad things must come to an end.


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