jyothibasu k.- constructed to deconstruct" - oil on canvas - 2004

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Horizontal & Vertical Societies

How do you cut across a philosophy or an idea which you are not in favour of? Not with sly ridicule, I’m sure! Every stream of thought has been formulated for the well-being of Man and Nature. Certain thought systems are so inclusive that Multiverse itself is encompassed! Such an expanse! Even otherwise, one should treat every philosophy with respect. After all, they are reflections of some noble minds for the betterment human condition.
jyothi basu k- oil on canvas- "order breaks from within"

See how Osho bares his dislike towards Communism.

Have you seen a pond? Osho asks. The water needs treatment, at least agitate it to prevent contamination. Stillness is against growth. If everybody becomes equal, the society gets stagnant. No winners anywhere in sight. No success stories. The driving force to get ahead is absent. Only poverty gets shared equally! One gets some solace in seeing that all are equally poor—no first among equals!  The status-quo will remain, resulting in stillness, like the water in the pond. Socialism has got an inherent drawback. It can’t be installed in a dynamic society.

Oddly enough, he explains, the pre-condition for progress is inequality. There is an urge to surpass and outstrip others. In a society where everyone is placed in uni-sized slots, people lose the drive and under-utilize their human potential. Equality is not inherent in Nature. The idea is thrust upon humankind.

jyothi basu - invasion - oil on canvas

Not at all. Osho is wrong. The idea is as old as the hills! The cornerstone of Vedanta is samabhavana or abhedachinta where one does not differentiate between oneself and other beings. No discrimination of any kind. In my (plebeian) opinion, mechanical equality is impractical and bizarre. Its ridiculous too. Equality in society should be based on a normalised scale. (Think of the normalising process when you convert your State Syllabus, CBSC, ICSC scores into a level-playing base).

In Communism, everybody puts in whatever s/he can. No targets and Q-reviews! In return, one is fully taken care of! His/her requirements are fulfilled. Not requests, please note. Needs do matter, not wants. Discrimination in terms of religion, caste, race and wealth is banished already as a pre-requisite.  Most importantly, all are given equal opportunity for quality up-gradation. This idea is the most effective equalizer one can think of.  Communism is spiritual of course, though God is not anywhere in the picture. For the simple reason that spirituality is nothing but the practice of Selflessness and cultivation of Love.