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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Buddha or Hitler

Osho talks about creativity here. As everybody knows, homo-sapiens is the only specie gifted with the faculty of creativity. We are the only ones who are not pre-programmed.  All others - animals, trees, birds, butterflies etc. have a predetermined life. They just cannot deviate. The dog lives a dog’s life and it dies a dog’s death. Neither it aspires to become Buddha nor does it evolve into Adolph Hitler.  According to Osho, all creative people are dangerous. If they are not allowed a free reign, they’ll evolve in negative direction using up all their energy for destruction.

bose krishnamachari -ghost stretched bodies - acrylic on canvas  

Man is eccentric by nature. We keep changing plans and try various routes one after other. We want to become. If we fail to reach Buddha, there exists an escape route for Hitler. Either we open up writing poetry or we end up writing virus-programs.  What kind of situation is this? Win-No Win? Its I or None else, Osho concludes.

bose krishnamachari - stretched bodies - acrylic on canvas

Anyone who is remotely familiar with the ways of an artist can correct Osho. The artist always questions himself/herself to find answers and expresses it through his/her medium. It may not be fully correct. There would be several expressions to an aspect.  QA sessions go on perennially till the process reaches a stage called Silence. The questions cease. Silence is the culmination of all artistic endeavors. Its steady-state, not transient. All of us can have a glimpse of Silence even if we aren't artists. The path is not art-specific.  You can do an entirely selfless act voluntarily and that too without “the left-hand knowing”!Experience Silence the easiest way. Get yet another slice of Silence deep in meditation. Even via sex if you do it selflessly. ("Making Love is possessing the Universe together." said Picasso). These are the pleasant moments which connect you to the rhythm of the Universe.

Osho’s findings are rigid indeed. Like the Logic Gate, he offers just two states, Yes or No.  In fact, one has to transcend the states to reach at Silence.  If you aren't convinced, meditate on the following couplet written by Sree Narayana Guru a century back.

ട്ടെണ്ണും പൊരുളൊടുങ്ങിയാല്‍
നിന്നിടും ദൃക്കുപോലുള്ളം……..”

 “Counting all here, one by one, when all things touched are done with,
  Then the Seeing Eye (alone) remains......”
                                                                                Translation by Ms. Saritha Rajan

“Counting one by one When the countable essence perishes And seeing stay stand still……”