t.k. padmini - oil on canvas

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Taming The Terminator

There is an old Malayalam film song which goes something like this,

കരഞ്ഞാലും മരിക്കും 
ചിരിച്ചാലും മരിക്കും 
എന്നാൽപ്പിന്നെ ചിരിച്ചൂടെ ....

If you live life crying, death is to befall
If you live life laughing, again, death is to befall
Why don't you keep on laughing, then?

Osho puts forward a similar argument.

t.k. padmini - oil on paper
Death is certain. One hundred percent. Can't say that only 99.99 % people die. The advancement of Health Science and Medicine cannot do a fig to Death. Whoever takes birth is bound to die. No exceptions. The way in which you meet the end is immaterial. Its not a matter of concern even!Perhaps you die in a road accident or in a hospital or while taking a shower. The mode does not count. Once you are convinced of the certainty of Death, there is no way you can develop a cold feet. The certainty part gives you enough courage to face Death. 

You settle down relaxed.In fact  meeting a grotesque end is beautiful! There is certain amount of unpredictness involved. You're not dying upto expectations, anyway! That is, dying peacefully in sleep or with your wife and children around, sipping water given by your eldest son etc.

You are the person who enjoys both Life as well as Death. In full.

t.k. padmini - oil on paper
See, Osho is an incorrigible romantic. People are scared of Death not because they are oblivious of the certainty of Death. There is this millennium old picture of Lord Yama riding on a buffalo , rope in hand to snatch you from your kith and kins and objects dear. Who will take care of them after you're gone? What'll happen to your micro-planning to avoid hard times? Who'll monitor the plan parameters ? 

You've spent an almost entire life-time making a terra firma for your loved ones. Now, quite abruptly, you're being snatched away.

t.k. padmini - oil on paper
You were becoming jittery because of attachment. You were the Hitler of your life. You wanted everyone to play your tunes and nobody was given freedom to innovate. Your selfishness only mattered. On the flimsy reason that you were amassing money and power with them in mind, you expected everyone to be grateful and loyal. Alas, truth hit  you like a sledge-hammer that they never loved you. They were pretending. In fact your wife cared much for the driver as he showed more concern towards her.

Now, micro-seconds before your death you're (forcibly) taking a primer. Love is not attachment. In love, one keeps on giving. One is not expecting anything. Everyone is at par. In nano-seconds, you're stricken with remorse! Whether you die in sleep or with everyone around, the sequence still remains the same!

In short, your truthfulness and transparency become vital during winding up - at the moment of Death.

You prefer to be left alone. There is a gentle knock at the door. Without waiting for an answer, it opens slowly. The long-lost friend walks in.
You feel like getting up to greet him. You can't.

Come, sit near me.

His hands are still warm.
You look out through the window.
The sun sets.