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Saturday, July 29, 2017


Yoga Nidra etc.

Let’s now learn a particular technique in Yoga which is closely related to meditation. Named Yoganidra, this technique is 'disguised sleep' while you are awake! In fact one is training the sub-conscious through which one can gain control over the conscious mind. The technique is derived from Rajayoga. The idea is to give complete relaxation to one’s body and mind.
Select a moderately lighted room. It should be neat and comfortable. External disturbances should be minimum. The ideal timings are early in the morning, evening or before going to bed. Select a convenient slot and stick to it. However, three hours gap after food is a must.  Because the production of enzymes for digestion   will be less during Yoganidra on account of low body temperature. If one is suffering from  hyper-acidity, it is better to have some light-food. In case of hypo-acidity, avoid the yoga.
Yoganidra should be done under the direct supervision of a Yoga-teacher. However, you can make do with audio-CDs available in the market. One should resolve not to fall asleep.
The advantage of a human-guru is that he/she can assure this!

Lie down in savasana (dead-body like) posture and relax. Lie on your back, spread your legs a little so that the feet won’t touch each other. There should not be any discomfiture or pain anywhere in your body. Hands should not touch the torso and be placed upwards. Gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Resolve that you will stay awake throughout the session. Listen to Yogacharya’s instructions and follow them verbatim.
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If you’re not quite ready yet, try the exercise called antarmaun. It so happens that you will feel restless and agitated when all physical and mental activities are brought to a  halt. Let the mind roam free! Listen to the external sounds that creep in. After some time, mind becomes wary of the process and stay still.

Now, try the auto-suggestion for the second time. You had started the day with the sentence Every day and every way, I am getting better and better. Use the same sentence or find a new one. Stick to it and don’t change the sentence during subsequent sessions.  Normally the duration is 20 to 40 minutes.

The session starts with the shifting the focus of attention through various parts of one’s body. Always start with the thumb of the right hand and end up with the small finger of the right leg. Repeat the exercise with thumb of the left hand and winding up with left leg small finger. Now shift the area of attention to your face. Watch the sensations. Scan the front portion of body downwards slowly and steadily to legs and feet. Attend the remaining part of your body, i.e., backside of your head down to toes.

The order is detailed as follows.

Right side :- Right thumb, second finger, third finger, fourth finger, small finger, palm back side, wrist, lower arm, elbow, upper arm, right shoulder, right side of chest, right side of stomach, right side of waist, right thigh, knee,  lower leg, ankle, hind leg, feet, main finger, second finger, third finger, fourth finger and small finger.

Left side : - Repeat the same order as above with the left part.

Back side : - Right shoulder blade, Left shoulder blade, back bone, back portion as a whole where your body is in touch with the ground

Front side : - upper portion of the head, right eye-brow, left eye-brow, the space between eye-brows, , right eye-lid, left eye-lid, right eye, left eye, right ear, left ear, right cheek, left cheek, nose, its tip, upper lip, lower lip, jaw, throat, chest, naval
Instruct yourself to keep awake. The body should not move either.

Repeat the yoga in a cyclic order.

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Now it’s time for the breathing exercise. First, be aware of your natural breathing. Start counting it. Don’t change the pace in any manner. Start with a number, say 27, count down and reach at zero. One inhale and exhale make one count. Don’t get it wrong. If an error occurs, start all over again from 27. (You can choose any number, not necessarily 27). Simultaneously observe the subtle movement that happens in the throat. Thereafter, shift the focus to the nose-tip. Watch the cool sensation while breathing in and the feeling of warmth while breathing out.  Continue with counting down.

We are ready for the final phase. This is the visualization part. A few selected visuals should be imagined like burning candle, desert, pouring rain, snow-capped mountains, the sea and the endless waves, the Pyramids of Egypt, sunset and birds, tombs, breeze, the moon and the stars…..

If the visuals are appearing proper, your Yoganidra session is so good; otherwise, the technique is to be perfected further. 
Repeat the autosuggestion three times.

Relax. You are breathing slowly. Your body is lying on the floor. Visualise the room. Visualise the surroundings. Contemplate for a while and move your body a little. When you are fully awake, open your eyes gently.

The session is complete.
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Some Health Tips

Always keep yourself busy.  Engage in as many physical activities as you can. Eat only when you’re hungry. Eat less. Include leafy vegetables in your diet. Drink a lot of water. Observe fasting once a while as it cleanses your body and mind. Wash your body in hot water before dinner. And take a glass of warm milk prior to going to bed.

More than the health tips, the emphasis is on self-control. Stay away from indulgence in life, especially in food and sex. This does not mean one should abstain.

The key is in resisting indulgence.