sajitha r.shankar

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Zorba, the Buddha

In philosophy, it is no longer possible to introduce a brand new stream and get universal acclaim. All original thoughts have been presented. No single thought –system can be practiced in these days of “grab-all” mind-set without causing injury to the practitioner. It seems mixing philosophies is the only way-out. 

People should be able to live life with dignity. Nobody should be degraded.  At the same time your mindset should be enlarged so as to encompass all. Nobody should be sidelined. One should possess a burning desire to embrace everything into one’s fold. We know that this kind of embrace is possible only through Love. The Bible says precisely that. However, cultivating Love in a modern-day environment is impossibly difficult. Fear is the block. You have it but somehow you’re reluctant. Now, add the Red Book to Bible. You have a formidable combination there. You’re believing in the Bible and the Red Book simultaneously. One step further, you tend to believe that both are essentially the same! As a result, you can practice the Bible in letter and spirit. Oddly enough, you’re impressing no one with your mix. Anybody can quote Bhagavat Gita and deflate you, the idea is nothing new.

sajitha r. shankar

Osho also mixes philosophies. He introduces a role-model - Zorba, the Buddha. Zorba represents one part and Buddha, the other. The summation of qualities of Zorba –the pleasure seeking ordinary mortal (samsari) and that of Gauthama, the Buddha is taken and offered as the new role-model. Zorba, the Buddha. Osho presents his ‘brave new man’ for us. According to him, the Enlightened Samsari does not shy away from sensual delights! She /he is perfectly balanced between physical  and metaphysical,  i.e., dabbling in the material world with his/her anchor grounded safely in spirituality. He/She welcomes the pleasures experienced through the sense organs keeping the enlightened state intact! The spiritual anchor detaches the body (and its pleasures) and watches the events just as a witness. The sakshi-bhava, that is. In other words, Zorba the Buddha is a ‘brave new Yogi’ who flaunts his various credit-cards to make an easy entry into a floating casino. He disembarks the next morning without his conscience bothering him. He/She celebrates every moment of life but never gets involved. What’s the idea in subjecting your body to torture, after all? 
Get the best of both worlds.

sajitha r.shankar
Osho shuns selflessness. Zorba the Buddha is not the type who practices idealism. What’s the use, Osho asks. In a span of 3000 years, we have fought at least 5000 wars.  Did you ever get a chance to celebrate your life? Abstinence is no answer (for anything).

Fine Sir! Indulge yourself. But, be prepared for the state when pleasures are denied! Pleasure and pain are always packed as a combo-offer. As you become sophisticated, your tolerance level decreases. You can’t take even a minor refusal in your stride. One who derives pleasure from the physical world cannot say         “I have had enough!”. His/her wish-list is unending and ever-expanding. And a stage comes when the body cannot sustain its vitality and the senses become weak. Precisely at this time, the desires keep galloping! Of course, money/ power can get you various objects of desire but you’re unable to consume them. Choicest food is being served on a silver platter, exclusively for you.  What’s the use, you have tongue cancer.

sajitha r.shankar
Pleasure is a poor substitute for Happiness. It should come from within. Zorba the Buddha should learn this primer to avoid ending up as a nervous wreck.